April 2018 Charity Donation: R Community Bikes


Flower City Flavor Company is proud to announce our April Rochester, NY charity: R Community Bikes

Transportation is one of those things in life you take for granted if you have easy access to it. My car is a big investment in terms of cost but it yields such a higher comfort of living that it is worth it. Not everyone has the same luxuries as myself. The world is trying to go greener and bike use is back on the rise. R Community Bikes provides the Rochester, NY area needy free bikes and free bike repairs. Each year they donate 2,000 bikes and perform 3,000 repairs! That averages to over 5 bikes and 8 repairs a day! Consider buying a bike from R Community Bikes if you are in the market for one to help pay for their expenses.

Please consider a donation by visiting their website at the link above and to learn more about their mission.