Changes To Our Website!

For the nearly year and a half we’ve been up and running, we have gone through at least six site design changes. I’m a bit of perfectionist so more will still be coming, but in the mean time, I wanted to announce what changes have been made to improve the site.

1. Home page design. Much easier access to our most product product, the create your own hot sauce box. It was too hidden before. Also, there will be featured product brand of the week along with a discounted brand with a countdown, so load up before time runs out on a great deal!

2. Brand new menu. The blue menu redesigned to highlight the product categories easier.

3. AJAX Search. Type in the search bar and results will instantly come up before you hit enter. Some searches are faster than the others, depending on the amount of results, so if you just type in “hot sauce” you’ll be waiting a bit!

4. Images resized. The biggest complaint we’ve received in the past is a slow site load time. I’ve optimized the images and the pages load much, much faster now. We have great images so I want to showcase them!

5. Wishlist. Have something in mind you want to buy but not ready to commit? You can save it for later by hovering over the product image and clicking the heart on the top right corner. The heart icon on the top right of the site will show the number of items in the wishlist along with the price, stock status and when it was added.

6. Account. The account icon now features a drop down for faster access to what you are looking for in your account. You can still access the main account by clicking the person icon to see all your choices as well.

There are some other behind the scenes site improvements we’ve done as well. Like the changes? Dislike? Want to make a suggestion. Send an e-mail on our Contact page, we’d love to hear from you!

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