February 2018 Charity Donation: ROC City Bottoms Diaper Bank

Flower City Flavor Company is proud to announce our February charity: ROC City Bottoms Diaper Bank. Diapers are a necessity and not necessarily the first thing people think of when it comes to those in need and no parent should have ever choose between feeding their child or having clean diapers for them. Costs for the actual diapers, wipes, gas getting to the store, etc. can run families more than $100 a month! ROC City Bottoms Diaper Bank distributes thousands of diapers a month and they are truly an unsung hero in the community. Thank you to Christina and Travis Butler for what you do. I’d also like to add that my sister Andrea Whitehair-Ruffle heard beforehand they were going to be my charity this month and also decided to donate some diapers to the cause herself! With her having 4 kids, she knows first hand the need so thanks to her and Lloyd Ruffle for their generosity as well! Below is the picture of her donation! These will be dropped off at one of their collection sites! You can learn where those sites are, learn more about their cause and donate yourself by visiting their donation page here!