Flower City Flavor Company Rewards

Points on every purchase. Earn and find more flavors!

How it works

Spend $1 - Earn 1 point.

10 points = $1 off your purchase.

It's that simple.

[icon_box border=”0″ icon=”icon-clock” title=”Points Don’t Expire”]You earned them, you get to keep them. We hope you use them sooner than later so you can explore more flavors![/icon_box][icon_box border=”0″ icon=”icon-mail” title=”E-mail Updates”]Get e-mail updates each time your point credit is updated. Always be in the know.[/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ icon=”icon-infinity” title=”No Max Limit”]You earned them, you get to use them whenever you like. If you want to use 100 points on an order, go for it![/icon_box][icon_box border=”0″ icon=”icon-chart-bar” title=”Bonus Opportunities”]Check often for promotions such as double points on selected products and holiday multipliers![/icon_box]
[icon_box border=”0″ icon=”icon-ticket” title=”Use With Coupons”]You earned them (do you see a common theme here?), get more value and get more flavor![/icon_box][icon_box border=”0″ icon=”icon-info” title=”Point Manager”]Access to your point information is just a click away on your My Account page. Another way to always be in the know.[/icon_box]

Go earn some points!