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Hot Sauce and Ice Cream: The Perfect Combo

If you’re a hot sauce aficionado like myself, you’re always looking to find new applications for your favorite hot sauces.

After countless slices of pizza dabbed, tacos upon tacos smothered, and bowls upon bowls of ramen spiced-up, it was time to expand my horizons and find a new application.

Enter: hot sauce on ice cream.

This may seem a weird combination to most people, however, I was intrigued in my quest to try something new.

Now, I’m not dousing a bottle of Frank’s or Tabasco hot sauce on ice cream, but there are so many talented small and medium size hot sauce makers that make incredible fruit-based and sweet-style hot sauces.

Check out this list of amazing hot sauces you can use on your next bowl of ice cream!

Angry Goat Pepper Co. Purple Hippo

Flavor: Prickly Pear
Heat Level: Very Hot

If you’ve never had the fruit of a prickly pear before, it tastes like a cross between watermelon and bubble gum. It pairs very well with spicy peppers, and this very hot, but very delicious, hot sauce goes excellent on ice cream.

Bravado Spice Co. Ghost Pepper & Blueberry

Flavor: Blueberry
Heat Level: Hot

In my all years being apart of the hot sauce community, Bravado’s Ghost Pepper & Blueberry is definitely the hot sauce I’ve seen mentioned the most times when people have asked what the best hot sauce on ice cream is. I have to agree with the majority!

Elijah’s Xtreme Reaper

Flavor: Black Cherry, Cranberry & Bourbon
Heat Level: Extremely Hot

When I first started Flower City Flavor Company, Elijah’s Xtreme was one of the first brands I stocked. Under estimating the “Xtreme” in their name, and not quite being at the level I am today in my heat tolerance, this one lit me up! Nowadays, it’s still a scorcher on my personal scale, but the sweetness of the black cherries pairs wonderfully with the cranberry, bourbon, and vanilla flavors.

Fat Cat Papaya Pequin Passion

Flavor: Papaya
Heat Level: Mild

Papayas aren’t something I regularly have in my fruit repertoire, but that’s where Fat Cat comes in to help me out! The warm weather and fabulous beaches of the Caribbean are put in a bottle (with a little pineapple) for an incredible sweet and spicy hot sauce perfect on a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Fat Cat Strawberry Serrano

Flavor: Strawberry
Heat Level: Mild

Strawberries are my favorite fruit personally, so I really wanted to go through all the best strawberry hot sauces available to see which one would make this list, and our friends at Fat Cat have the best! This one is mild but full of flavor which will complement any ice cream nicely.

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. Pineapple Habanero

Flavor: Pineapple
Heat Level: Medium

Bright and savory, this hot sauce has so much esteem behind it, it appeared on the hit show Hot Ones Season 10! I also think it’s one of the best hot sauces to ever appear on the show, as seen in my Best Hot Ones Sauces blog. When it comes to ice cream? The chef’s kiss! The Beaver Duck Session IPA infused within the hot sauce also gives it a nice hoppy touch that is unexpected but awesome!

Hellfire Blueberry Hell

Flavor: Blueberry
Heat Level: Very Hot

Back to blueberry! If you love blueberry but want to dial up the heat compared to Bravado’s version, level up to Hellfire’s blueberry hot sauce – Blueberry Hell! With a name like Hellfire, you should know what you’re in for, and while this hot sauce is not as hot as their traditional lineup of extreme heat offerings, this one will certainly melt your ice cream!

Hellfire Chocolate Cherry Hell

Flavor: Chocolate & Cherry
Heat Level: Extremely Hot

There’s no doubt chocolate and cherry is a wonderful combination, so leave it to Hellfire to put the combo into a hot sauce! Johnny Scoville loves it on ice cream, so you don’t need to take my word for it! Lots of heat, lots of flavor. It’s an experience unlike any other in the hot sauce world.

Jersey Barnfire Apples & Spice

Flavor: Apple
Heat Level: Medium

Apples and spice make everything nice, especially ice cream. Douse Jersey Barnfire’s Apples & Spice Hot Sauce on top of vanilla ice cream with a slice of apple pie and all will be right in the world.

Karma Sauce Cherry Bomb

Flavor: Cherry
Heat Level: Hot

The gold standard of all cherry-based hot sauces. A countless Scovie and Fiery Food Challenge Golden Chile winner, Cherry Bomb is one of Karma Sauce’s most popular sauces, and it’s no surprise why. Throw a little peanut butter in your ice cream along side with this, and find eternal happiness in a bowl.

Klowns on Fire I Scream Klown

Flavor: Raspberry & Chocolate
Heat Level: Hot

Bring the “fire” after dinner with I Scream Klown. Raspberry and chocolate fuel the flavor on this one. Bonus points if you add a fudge brownie to your ice cream with this. This very well may be the best hot sauce for ice cream on this list overall.

Mikey V’s Peach Habanero Delight

Flavor: Peach
Heat Level: Medium

A delight it is! Pineapple helps out the peach with the sweetness here, but the peach is definitely the star of the show. The habanero pepper gives this one a high-medium heat level, so most folks will be able to handle the heat. Try this one not in a plain vanilla ice cream, but a peach ice cream to really enhance the experience of this sauce.

Red Catastrophe Hot Sauce

Flavor: Wine
Heat Level: Hot

Who says a hot sauce for ice cream has to be fruit based? Living near the Finger Lakes in New York state, Hazlitt Winery’s Red Cat wine is one of this area’s most popular wines, and when I found out they made a hot sauce, I stocked it immediately, and am proud to be the only third-party online retailer to sell it!

(1) $6.99

PepperNutz Banana

Flavor: Banana
Heat Level: Hot

We love this hot sauce because so much of the habanero and chipotle flavor come through, without overpowering the flavor of the banana, not to mention the dash of dark aged rum that’s added in. Speaking of rum, if you’ve ever wanted to have a spicy tribute to a Bananas Foster, use this sauce with PepperNutz Caribbean Rum and you’ll find it! Absolutely delicious!

(4) $6.99

PepperNutz Mango Hab

Flavor: Mango
Heat Level: Medium

PepperNutz gets a double feature! There are a ton of great mango habanero hot sauces on the market today as my blog on the subject goes over, however, the best of the best goes to PepperNutz’s version, and this goes great on ice cream. The perfect balance of sweet and heat.

Hot Sauce on Ice Cream: In Conclusion

I’m hoping this blog has got your sweet tooth engaged!

A diverse collection of different flavors and heat levels gives many options to try some ice cream with hot sauce.

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