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Hot Sauce on Ice Cream

A hand holding an ice cream cone

If you’re a hot sauce aficionado like myself, you’re always looking to find new applications for your favorite hot sauces.

After countless slices of pizza dabbed, tacos upon tacos smothered, and bowls upon bowls of ramen spiced-up, it was time to expand my horizons and find a new application.

Enter: hot sauce on ice cream.

This may seem a weird combination to most people, however, I was intrigued in my quest to try something new.

Now, I’m not dousing a bottle of Frank’s or Tabasco hot sauce on ice cream, but there are so many talented small and medium size hot sauce makers that make incredible fruit-based and sweet-style hot sauces.

Check out this list of amazing hot sauces you can use on your next bowl of ice cream!

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