I am very proud of the donations and impact made in 2018. Flower City Flavor Company will never stray away from our purpose to give back to the community. However, towards the 2018, I have shifted our vision and decided to consolidate our funds to one common theme – giving free birthday parties to disadvantaged youth in the Rochester, NY area. The choice was easy. I am lucky to have had a childhood where my parents, while far from financially well-off, gave an extremely wonderful environment to grow up in. Looking back now, some of the greatest memories I have of my youth were the birthday parties I had whether at our house or at a venue such as the old Putt-Putt Golf on West Ridge Road. There are many deserving kids out there that don’t have the same opportunities that I did, so it is my duty to do what I can to give them theirs. This new goal is much more challenging to make a reality, birthday parties can cost $200 or even more and with the volume I want to give them at, I need to sell a lot of stuff! I am in the midst of planning how to be most successful of this vision, thus why the lack of monthly donations since November 2018. This is apart of my why and I will make it a reality. Stay tuned for updates.


Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

-Theodore Roosevelt

Not only does Flower City Flavor Company strive to have people try something new and find their flavor, it is equally important to us that to give back to the community. Apart of the original company vision, Flower City Flavor Company will donate a part of our profits each month to charities in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas. Rochester charities and Rochester non-profit organizations form a big piece of the community and we see it as our duty to help out in any way we can. We also hope in the process we can bring awareness to volunteer opportunities and ways to involve yourself with community service in the Rochester area for those looking to get involved.

All-time Donation Total:



Our criteria guidelines for whom we choose each month as our feature charity is quite simple.

1. Be based in the Rochester area.
2. Do good in the community!

Previously, we had made it a requirement that the charity be designated 501(c)(3) tax exempt. While the majority of the charities we’ve donated money to are, there is still a lot of good done in the community without an official status. If you are a Rochester, NY based charity and would like to be one of monthly featured charities or if you would like to recommend a charity for us to consider, please go to our Contact page and let us know!

Featured Charities

January 2018 Charity Donation: Alzheimer's Association


January 2018

Alzheimer’s Association Rochester and Finger Lakes Region

Donation Total: $27.30


February 2018

ROC City Bottoms Diaper Bank

Donation Total: $25.00


March 2018

Managing Autism Together Today

Donation Total: $25.00



April 2018

R Community Bikes

Donation Total: $25.00


May 2018


Donation Total: $25.25


June 2018

Rochester Childfirst Network

Donation Total: $25.76


July 2018


Donation Total: $25.75


August 2018

Linda Against Leukemia

Donation Total: $25.49


September 2018

Big Helping Little

Donation Total: $25.00


October 2018

Yoga 4 A Good Hood

Donation Total: $25.00