Where do you ship to?

Currently, shipping is restricted to the 50 United States. We hope to expand our reach into Canada and internationally down the line.

Do you offer tracking on your shipping?

Yes! As soon as your order is shipped, you will get sent an e-mail with tracking information. We want you to count down the time until you get your flavor!

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, on orders of $69 or more. This is the lowest minimum order threshold you’ll find online from similar sites! Shipping costs suck, we get it, but we refuse to artificially inflate our product prices to offset shipping. Also, we’ve implemented a $7.95 flat shipping rate for anything less than $69 which has been a big hit with customers who just need a little flavor!

My order came damaged, what do I do?

Contact us right away. We’ll work with you to get a resolution.

I can get a national or store brand for much cheaper than the products on the site, what makes these better?

You’re right, you can go to your local grocer and get a store or national brand barbecue sauce for $1.99. That’s not what we do here. The store brands, Heinz, Kraft, KC Masterpiece, etc. these are multi-million dollar corporations, they aren’t going anywhere. We have nothing against the big guys, we just want to give the little guys a chance.

We’re focused on carrying smaller scale products that you (with a few small exceptions) can’t find at the grocery store. Try something new and trust us, you’ll find something you’ll always want to have at your next meal for life!

I really love “X” brand but you don’t carry it. Can I suggest it?

Sure, one of your company philosophies is to try something new. Send us an e-mail at our contact section and tell us about and who we can contact. If they aren’t a national brand, have a gimmick we don’t carry in our products (like “ass blasting”) and taste awesome, we’ll add it to our line-up!

Why aren’t my Flower City Flavor Rewards points showing on the product/cart/checkout pages?

The only way you’ll see the points is if you create an account and be logged-in when on these pages.

Do you offer private labeling of your products?

Since we are a retailer and not a manufacturer, we aren’t creating the products ourselves (other than our own). If you are interested in private label hot sauces, seasonings, BBQ sauces, and other products, no one does it better in the business than Peppernutz whom we gladly carry their Roc City signature hot sauces! Click the PepperNutz link and check them out for your private label needs!