Best Hot Sauce For Burgers

Death By Chili Burger

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Best Hot Sauce For Burgers

Thick and juicy. Smashed and crispy. However you crave them, burgers (or for cheese fanatics like myself – cheeseburgers) are a staple of summertime grilling.

Everyone has their favorite kind of burger.

Noted cheeseburger aficionado, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, says “a good bun, fresh meat, and anything but mustard” is what makes his ideal burger.

Celebrity chefs have even built whole restaurant concepts around burgers.

Bobby’s Burger Palace. That “Bobby” is Bobby Flay.

Gordon Ramsey Burger. Self explanatory. Ramsey’s incredible Las Vegas location was legitimately one of the best burgers I ever had. Look at this thing!

Gordon Ramsey Burger

When it comes to hot sauce, burgers are a fantastic addition (as hot sauce is to almost everything!)

Take a look at these hot sauces I find myself using anytime a burger is on the menu.

How did I decide?

I tried to not repeat styles and include hot sauces that have themes within popular burger toppings (mustard, pickles, etc.)

These sauces are listed in alphabetical order, by brand name.

Want to be the hero at your next barbecue? Whether hosting or as a guest, bring the hot sauces on this list and be known as the person who brings the flavor!

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Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Smoked Onion

If you want onion flavor without it being overpowering (which I personally feel onions do), Maple Wood Smoked Onion is your answer. A nice medium heat goes side by side with the the smoky onion flavor. This one was good enough for the hit show Hot Ones, and it’ll be great at your next BBQ!

CaJohns Hot Pickle

I understand that not everyone loves hot sauce (boo these people), but I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love pickles! Take a hater and give this great hot sauce to them as a gateway into the hot sauce world. A nice medium heat, so they’ll get a little tingle, but definitely a lot of flavor.

CaJohns Wild Mushroom

Ah mushrooms. You either love them or hate them. Regardless of your preference, there’s no denying that Wild Mushroom from CaJohns is a blast of umami flavor, providing a unique twist on a hot sauce that is literally perfect for a burger.

(17) $7.99$64.99

Death By Chili Sauce

The hot sauce featured in this list’s main photo, and also my absolute favorite hot sauce of all-time, so I literally could put this on any of the Best Of Lists I’ve created. This one has completely negated any need for ketchup on a burger. This ain’t ketchup, or close to it. It’s a cayenne, chile de arbol, and Cajun spiced hot sauce with some honey and brown sugar for sweetness that is an absolute must. Read all the 5 star reviews, this one is legit.

Earthquake Spices Death By Garlic – Roasted

Another ‘”Death By” sauce, but this time coming from Earthquake Spices. Garlic goes with everything, so a garlic hot sauce was definitely going to make its way onto this list. My favorite hot sauce for burgers goes to Earthquake Spices’ Death By Garlic – Roasted because of well…the roasted garlic! The habanero pepper base gives it a nice heat and is balanced well with the rest of the ingredients.

Flash Point Sauces Smokin’ Mustard

Throw your old boring yellow mustard to the side and give your guests and yourself this Scovie, ZestFest, Old Boney Hot Summer Night, and I’m sure way more award winning mustard-based hot sauce with a little twist. Slightly sweet and smokey, this one will go quick, so I recommend two bottles!

Karma Sauce Extreme Smokey Karma

To no surprise, Karma Sauce hit it out of the park with this one. Three distinct sensations upon entering your mouth. First, the sweetness from the butternut squash, orange peel, and honey. Next, the smokey flavor (without overpowering) of the chipotle. Lastly, the heat creeps in. You think it’ll take you over the edge, but it doesn’t. BBQ and smoke go together, and burgers too.

SAVIR Foods Sassy Texan

You don’t have to be a Texan to enjoy this! This sassy and tangy sauce is your best bet if you’re are (or feeling) vegan and a portobello mushroom is your preferred patty. Did you know that portobellos are just the grown up version of cremini mushrooms? Underutilized and under-appreciated peppers chiletepin and limo are the stars in this one, but the addition of avocado oil and dates make this one truly unique.

Headless Horseradish Hot Sauce

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Torchbearer Sauces Headless Horseradish

Horseradish lovers will absolutely love this one. The Ghost Peppers give you intense heat right away, while the horseradish will hit you on the backend. If you live in the North and are a winter griller, spread some of this on your burger and you’ll warm up real fast!

Best Hot Sauce For Burgers: In Conclusion

I hoped you enjoyed this list.

I tried very hard for a wide variety of sauces, that way if you need help deciding, you have plenty of options!

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