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The Best Hot Sauce For Pizza – Spice It Up!

Honestly, can you name anything that’s better than pizza or hot sauce?

Well, how about combining your love of both?!

I’ve had a lot of slices and sauces over the years, and have compiled this list of what I think the best hot sauces for pizza are.

My Methodology:
-Which hot sauces I find myself using the most when pizza is on the menu.
-Does the hot sauce it go with all types of pizza? How versatile is it?
-If I find it the “best” hot sauce only for a certain type of pizza, is this hot sauce the absolute best hot sauce of that kind I can use?

This was an extremely difficult list to put together, but take a look at these hot sauces which I think will make your next slice of pizza that much better.

Whether you like a classic pepperoni, a mushroom/onion/peppers mix, or something completely out of the normal, there’s enough of a mix to satisfy everyone!

10 great hot sauces from 10 great brands!

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Dreams of Calypso

Brand: Angry Goat Pepper Co.
Heat Level: Very Hot

Our first sauce on the list will take you away from the Tuscan landscape and onto the sunny beaches of the Caribbean! You actually might think you’re on the Sun with how hot this one is, thanks to the Yellow 7 Pot Primo Peppers! The flavor of the tropics await!

Bravado Spice Co. Serrano and Basil Hot Sauce

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Serrano & Basil

Brand: Bravado Spice Co.
Heat Level: Mild

What’s more Italian than pizza and basil? While similar in flavor to the classic Jalapeno pepper, the Serrano pepper’s edge in heat will satisfy any spicy food fanatic and the fresh and fragrant basil flavor brings out a whole new experience that you wish you would have discovered sooner.

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Xtreme Regret Reserve

Brand: Elijah’s Xtreme
Super Hot Pepper
Heat Level: Extremely Hot

I had to include one absolute monster of a hot sauce for this list, and Xtreme Regret Reserve fits that bill. You do get some garlic flavor, but if you’re looking for a straight blast of pure pepper-forward heat, this one will do it. Carolina Reaper and Scorpion peppers are blended nicely together in this one. Thick texture, so you won’t accidentally over pour (unless you want to!).

Scorpion Garlic

Brand: Fartley Farms
Heat Level: Extremely Hot

If you love garlic and you love heat, this one is a no-brainer. You get the undeniable sting of heat from the scorpion peppers with a big punch of garlic flavor. Use a little, or a lot. It doesn’t matter, this goes great with any toppings. Fartley Farms may be one of the most underrated hot sauce brands out there, but this one absolutely deserves a place on this best hot sauce for pizza list.

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Chipotle & Habanero

Brand: Fresco Sauce
Heat Level: Hot

You might remember this hot sauce from the hit YouTube series Hot Ones. Chipotle and Orange Habanero peppers with a garlicky blend and an ever-so light hint of sweetness. This chipotle flavor doesn’t overpower the habanero – they are perfectly balanced and with a nice, medium heat. The most versatile of the hot sauces on this list – you can use it on any style of pizza.

Ghostly Prick

Brand: High Desert Sauce Co.
Prickly Pear, Hibiscus
Heat Level: Medium

This one’s the most surprising of the hot sauces on our list, but we promise you’lI love it – here’s why. You get a mix of prickly pear nectar and hibiscus flower that gives you the sweet and floral notes. Then, you’ll get the “prick” from the ghost peppers. This combination adds a unique, complex flavor that is sure to impress your hot sauce loving friends the next time it’s pizza night.

Big City Pesto

Brand: Irish Spike’s
Heat Level: Medium

When you’re not feeling a red sauce pizza, pick up some pesto instead! Irish Spike’s Big City Pesto really does make you think you’re in Little Italy. Full of garlic, olive oil, and herbs, the Serrano pepper shines through as well to give your tongue a little tingle.

(1) $8.99

Huhu Diablo

Brand: Karma Sauce
Heat Level: Very Hot

Regardless of what side of the “pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza” debate you’re on, I’m telling you that this hot sauce absolutely does belong on pizza and here’s why in three short sentences: Award winning. Intense flavor. Vicious heat! The milder Huhu Pina might be better suited for those looking for less spice, but Huhu Diablo brings the blistering heat of a Hawaiian volcano and an eruption of flavor into your mouth.

(2) $6.99

Mystic Pizza

Brand: PepperNutz
Heat Level: Medium

I’m typically the type of person that hates sayings like “OMG this hot sauce is so great you can drink it!” Well…I think I might have found an exception. If you really love hot sauce, you’ll find yourself dousing this one on your next slice. Mmmm…the garlic tang and just a little bit of heat so you can keep on pouring!


Brand: Rising Smoke Sauceworks
Louisiana Style
Heat Level: Medium

If you’re looking for a more “traditional” hot sauce for your pizza, forget the grocery store staples and do yourself a favor and grab “IT” from Rising Smoke Sauceworks. Balanced ingredients but bold, rich flavor from the cayenne and roasted red peppers.

Best Hot Sauce For Pizza: In Conclusion

Ready to order a pizza after reading this? Us too.

If you’re in the Rochester, NY area like myself, my absolute favorite is the Dewey Avenue Carbone’s location.

Tell us what you think of our best hot sauce for pizza list in the comments, and your what your favorite pizza toppings are too!

And don’t forget to pick up some of these hot sauces yourself with coupon code:


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