Best Hot Sauce For Sushi

The Best Hot Sauce For Sushi - Down 2 Ferment's That's What Shishito Said

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Best Hot Sauce For Sushi

If you’re tired of the same old spicy mayo that accompanies your favorite sushi and you need to satiate your need for heat, I have a list of hot sauces for sushi you can use that’ll do just that!

From hot sauces with traditional Asian flavors, to umami bombs, to some surprise additions, I know there is something for everyone on this list.

*Thanks to Down To Ferment for letting us use their image as our main blog photo! Their allowing of us to use the photo was not a determining factor to have them included on the list, we just really liked the photo!

Down To Ferment That’s What Shishito Said

You should get familiar with yuzu if you haven’t done so already. Think of it as a combo of a grapefruit, lemon, and manadarin orange. Take that flavor profile and when you mix it with umami powerhouses shitake, black garlic, and miso on top of roasted shishito peppers, you get a hot sauce that sushi and heat lovers have been waiting years for. Flawless in execution, elite in flavor!

Karma Sauce Cosmic Dumpling Hot Sauce

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Karma Sauce Cosmic Dumpling

The name may say dumpling, but it’s great on sushi (and really all Asian foods). Great Asian flavors – ginger, soy, and orange zest, will take your sushi out of this world! Karma Sauce once again hit a grand slam of galactic proportions. This is our overall best selling hot sauce in our retail locations as the owners and employees of the pharmacies we are located in consistently recommend this sauce to every customer!

(3) Original price was: $13.99.Current price is: $12.99.

Karma Sauce Cosmic Disco

If you really want to crank up the heat, Cosmic Dumpling’s older brother Cosmic Disco is the way to go. You’re going to want to use a lot less compared to Dumpling, because this one is a scorcher (and I absolutely learned this the hard way)! Appearing on Hot Ones 19, celebrities from Kate Hudson to Will Ferrell had to endure the heat right before The Last Dab!

Original price was: $11.99.Current price is: $9.99.

CaJohns Black Garlic Ghost

Black garlic combined with sweet soy make this an obvious choice for a hot sauce for sushi. I know some folks who replace their regular soy sauce altogether and just use this instead! The ghost peppers give it that little extra kick at the end you will surely feel in the back of your throat!

Frog’s Point Sweet Fuji

As Frog’s Point themselves say – “this is what you want on your sushi!” – and we completely agree! Wasabi, soy sauce, garlic, and Frog’s Point own honey are an excellent collection of ingredients to go alongside the heat of the Ghost Pepper. How sweet it is!

Jersey Barnfire Ginger Hot Sauce

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Jersey Barnfire Ginger

Habanero and ginger root gives you the opportunity to experience sweet heat two different ways in one! Habaneros themselves might very well be the tasiest hot pepper there is, but there is something about combining habaneros with freshly pureed ginger that brings out the best in the pepper. The result when doused on sushi? Flavor bliss.

Seed Ranch Everything But The Sushi & Dumplings

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Seed Ranch Everything But The Sushi & Dumplings

Last our best hot sauce for sushi list but certainly not least – if it has sushi in the name of the hot sauce, it has to be good with it, right? Yes, yes it is. Fresh ginger, sweet sesame, and the undeniable kick of wasabi – sushi night will never be complete without this masterpiece from Seed Ranch.

Best Hot Sauce For Sushi: In Conclusion

There’s no shame bringing your own hot sauce to a sushi restaurant.

Pick up some, or all of these great hot sauces and you’ll be the sushi heat master!

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