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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2019: A Day Full of Hot Sauce!

I was fortunate enough to have been able to attend my first NYC Hot Sauce Expo held at the Brooklyn Expo Center!

The only unfortunate part was only being able to attend one day, so I attended Day 1, Saturday, April 13th.

I somehow convinced my fiancee and non-hot sauce lover Lisa to attend along with my friend and business partner Benny.

Since I could’ve written a book about this event, here are some highlights of the day! We arrived at around 10:20am and there was a huge line!

A Memorable Meeting

Upon entrance, I was impressed with the use of the space. Lots of room to walk around but enough room for all the vendors.

It was great to meet the owners of some of the brands I sell. I will make a special note of one, Bret Morey of Elijah’s Xtreme.

Bret grew up 10 minutes away from where I live in the Rochester area so I’m always glad to meet locals and promote their brands.

I had their line of BBQ sauces for the first time and they were incredible! You’ll see them in our store down the line for sure!

While talking and sampling, I caught in my eye some of their promotional material.

On their retailer list card, I couldn’t believe it, I was listed! In a way I felt like I made it. A year and a half live, 2 and a half from original concept.

Here’s hoping that Flower City Flavor Company gets even more recognition from the brands I carry. Thanks again Bret!

img 0473 min scaled scaled

So Many Hot Sauces, So Little Time

There were so many sauces to try! I wish I could’ve had them all.

Instead of bore you with the list of all I tried (yes, I tracked), here are pics of my favorites from brands I had for the first time and I don’t carry. 

I’m hoping at least some of these will be in the store down the line!

img 0415 min scaled scaled
img 0416 min scaled scaled
img 0417 min scaled scaled
img 0418 min scaled scaled
img 0421 min scaled scaled
img 0419 min scaled scaled

Plenty of Activities to Keep the Guests Entertained

I had tons of fun watching the events that were scheduled throughout the show. I was most interested in the The Spicy Taco From Hell Challenge.

Now usually, I’m not really a fan of any “Look at hot much hot stuff I can eat guys – I’m a real tough guy!” type of events.

However, this one was a lot of fun and none done in a pompous manner. The crowd was into it and it was a great way to fill in some time during the event.

Congrats to the winner. I’m certainly glad I didn’t enter!

20190413 130301 min scaled scaled
20190413 130740 min scaled scaled
20190413 130850 min scaled scaled

and Then I Met Ed Currie…

The most memorable moment for me came courtesy of Benny. Ed Currie of PuckerButt decided to give him a sample of his 1.6 Million SHU Ignition Point – Test Batch Pepper Extract.

Here are the results in pictures. I was making my way down the PuckerButt line, I don’t even remember what I sauce I tried, but it was marked a medium heat and I had steam shooting out of my ears. Super glad there was milk!

NYC Hot Sauce Expo: An Awesome Day with Great People!

After a spoonful Saturday with the great members of the Facebook group I’m apart of, For the Love of Hot Sauce, it was time for Lisa, Benny and I to leave.

We made our way to Manhattan to hang out with an eclectic group of folks.

Oh yes, there were beers! I definitely plan on going to the NYC Hot Sauce Expo next year. I’d love to throw a similar event in the Rochester area, stay tuned!

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