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Our Favorite April Fools’ Day Hot Sauce Jokes

Our Favorite April Fools' Day Hot Sauce Jokes

Table of Contents

Were You Fooled?

Everyone loves a good April Fools’ Day joke, and no one does it better than the hot sauce community!

Through the years there have been hot sauce jokes galore.

Take a look at these fake new hot sauces, celebrity endorsements, and other spicy products that won’t be coming to a store near you soon!

Dave's Gourmet - "Lip Balm"

Farmer Nate's - "Damn Good Deodorant"

Fartley Farms - "Fartley Pharms Prescription Eye Drops"

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. - "Guy Fieri - Ambassador"

Hellfire Hot Sauce - "Soft and Fluffy Hot Sauce"

Hoff & Pepper - "330 Gallon Size!"

Karma Sauce - "The Cumin Centipede"

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - "Jalapeno Tumeric & Kale Hot Sauce with Licorice Root"

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