Best Hot Sauce For Fried Chicken

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Best Hot Sauce For Fried Chicken

With no offense to our vegan friends, who doesn’t love fried chicken!?

We’ve dipped and dunked for years our fried chicken into a plethora of different corn syrup filled BBQ sauces and other vinegar-heavy hot sauces that just don’t bring out the joy one should feel biting down into a piping hot fried chicken breast, thigh, or drumstick.

Never fear, we’ve compiled a list of amazing hot sauces that will up your fried chicken experience with enough punches of heat and flavor that’ll knock you into your senses so you’ll never go back to having fried chicken with a bad sauce again!

Fresco Sauce Chile de Arbol

Fans of tangy-style hot sauces will go nuts for this one. If you want that same feel and flavor without the corn-syrup filled mass-produced grocery store sauces you’ve wasted your fried chicken on for years, Fresco Sauce’s Chile de Arbol comes to the rescue. This one has mango but don’t call it a mango hot sauce, because its so much more. Chile de arbol’s grassy yet complex flavor really gives this one a solid base and a low-medium heat means that this one can be had by all.

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Karma Sauce Scorpion Disco

Disclaimer: This one is a scorcher! However, if you can handle the heat, you’ll fall in love with the flavor. A position nine celebrity destroyer on the hit YouTube series Hot Ones, Scorpion Disco dances its way through your mouth with an ultra-hot mix of Scorpion, 7 Pot Primo, Ghost, and Chocolate Habanero peppers with sweet and spiciness that just has to be tried to experience a whole new opportunity to bring your fried chicken experience to the big leagues.

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PepperNutz Mango Hab

There seems to be a million mango habanero hot sauces on the market today, but none do it better than PepperNutz’s Mango Hab. Smooth, sweet, and spicy (but not too spicy, a nice medium heat!), this one can be enjoyed by the whole family. The freshness of the mango flavor hits your tastebuds right away. A little hint of lime and cilantro round out this gem and whether its fried chicken or regular chicken, this hot sauce will be your new go-to.

HYCH Nashville

If you were wondering if a Nashville-style hot sauce was going to make this list, you’re in luck! HYCH’s version on the classic Nashville Hot Chicken dish brings red jalapeno combined with brown sugar and a secret spice blend that’ll make you think you’re on Broadway (Nashville’s version!)

Rocky's Nashville Style Hot Sauce

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Rocky’s Nashville

We couldn’t add just one Nashville style hot sauce to this list! Rocky’s version is “Cluckin Hot”! Spicy, tangy, and all around delicious, Ghost pepper powder is the secret in this one to really kick of the heat level, while the traditional cayenne pepper base delivers the traditional tase you expect.

Torchbearer Sauces Honey Badger Honey Mustard Hot Sauce

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Torchbearer Sauces Honey Badger

I’m a honey mustard super fan, so when I’m looking for a mustard-based hot sauce for my fried chicken, no does it better than Torchbearer Sauces. Torchbearer’s traditional Honey Mustard recipe base here is jacked up with Scorpion and Carolina Reaper peppers for a honey mustard flavor that ain’t for the faint of heart!

Best Hot Sauce For Fried Chicken: In Conclusion

Whether grabbing some drive-thru KFC, Popeyes, or making your own at home, make sure to bring the heat with the hot sauces on our list! Lots of different styles gives everyone a chance to try a variety and something new. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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