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Best Hot Sauce For Eggs

Plate of scrambled eggs and bottle of Extreme Karma - a best hot sauce for eggs
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Best Hot Sauce For Eggs

Eggs: A breakfast staple. Scrambled, over-easy, omelette – it doesn’t matter, eggs have been surveyed as the most popular breakfast food in America.

However you take your eggs, and whatever else you put on them, just make sure to not forget these hot sauces that’ll elevate your egg game to the land of the elite.

Also, if you want to make the best scrambled eggs you’ll ever have, I recommend Gordon Ramsey’s recipe.

That is what I used to make the eggs in this blog’s main photo (just without the chives) and his heat on/heat off technique really works!

Forget about your grocery store brands like Cholula or Frank’s, and give these craft hot sauces a try instead. Use this coupon for 15% off:


This can be used on any hot sauce on this list!

Hippy Dippy Green

Brand: Angry Goat Pepper Co.
 Avocado and Kiwi
Heat Level: Mild

Avocado maybe, but kiwi on eggs? Trust me, the two mixed together in this wonderful hot sauce works. If the day ahead is on track to be stressful, Hippy Dippy will mellow you out.

Maple Wood Smoked Onion

BrandButterfly Bakery of Vermont
Heat Level: Medium

The perfect onion flavor without going over the top. This is perfect in an omelette, so the next time you’re with a picky eater who hates onions, let them know what they are missing out on. A balanced flavor that will not overshadow the eggs.

Doc’s Fusion Fuel

Brand: Sauced & Glazed
 BBQ, Smoky
Heat Level: Medium

Smoky barbecue goodness put into a bottle! Don’t let the radioactive symbol fool you, this sauce is a great medium-level heat that gives just enough kick to tantalize your tongue. This is one of my absolute all time favorites, and goes great with any type of eggs.

Sun Burst

Brand: Earthquake Spices
Heat Level: Hot

I truly believe citrus belongs at breakfast, so “burst” out of bed and douse some Sun Burst on our eggs to start your day. You’ll get a light, citrusy, and well balanced pineapple and lemon mix combined with the heat from scotch bonnet peppers that’ll make you think you’re on a Caribbean island, not running 30 minutes late for work!

Everyday Red

Brand: Fat Cat
Heat Level: Medium

The roasted red peppers, jalapenos, and hint of garlic produce a trio of tastes – tart, sweet, and savory – that make Everyday Red the perfect hot sauce to take to your favorite diner with you, replacing the same old “table” hot sauce that’s too vinegary and has been sitting out for years.

Native Bongo Chilli

Brand: Fiji Fire
 Bongo Chilli
Heat Level: Medium

A unique flavor due to its use of bongo chillis (which are native to the Republic of Fiji) this one may not exactly make you feel like you are walking on fire, but it has enough heat to let your mouth tingle. If you are looking for the pepper to really shine in a hot sauce for your eggs, this one does it perfectly.

Fire Roasted Green

Brand: High Desert Sauce Co.
Heat Level: Mild

If you’re not typically a verde style hot sauce fan, forget everything you think you know and grab a bottle of HDSC’s Fire Roasted Green. Fire roasting the poblanos and jalapenos is a ton of work, but it makes such a huge difference and that’s what puts this hot sauce above all others. It’s mild, so you can use a lot and trust me, you will! Tangy, balanced, and full of flavor.

High River Sauces Tears of the Sun Private Reserve Hot Sauce

Original price was: $11.99.Current price is: $10.99.
Read more

Tears of the Sun Private Reserve

Brand: High River Sauces
Heat Level: Very Hot

Papaya, mangos, pineapple and peaches – in that consecutive order per the ingredients list, create a tropical flavor haven in your mouth and when combined with citrusy Peach Ghost-Scorpion peppers too, heat close to that of the Sun might make you cry! Seen on Season 14 of Hot Ones.

Extreme Karma

Brand: Karma Sauce
Heat Level: Extremely Hot

Now this’ll wake you up in the morning! Straight Ghost and Scorpion pepper goodness that is THICK with its butternut squash base. If you want heat that won’t absolutely knock your socks off, but let you feel the rest of the day, this one is it.

Roc’n Reaper

Brand: PepperNutz
 Carolina Reaper
Heat Level: Extremely Hot

If you need a real kick in mouth and want to go even hotter than Extreme Karma, PepperNutz ROC’n Reaper will deliver. No gimmicks, just a Carolina Reaper hot sauce that’ll bring the heat but more importantly, the flavor at your next breakfast.

Best Hot Sauce For Eggs: In Conclusion

Is it morning yet?

Doesn’t matter. Crack open some eggs and start dousing!

And don’t forget to pick up some of these hot sauces yourself with coupon code:


at checkout for 15% off!

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