Best Hot Sauce For Eggs

Plate of scrambled eggs and bottle of Extreme Karma - a best hot sauce for eggs

Last Updated on October 23, 2023 by Chris Whitehair

Best Hot Sauce For Eggs

Eggs: A breakfast staple. Scrambled, over-easy, omelette – it doesn’t matter.

However you take your eggs, and whatever else you put on them, just make sure to not forget these three hot sauces that’ll elevate your egg game to the land of the elite.

Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Maple Wood Smoked Onion

Flavor: Onion
Heat Level: Medium

The perfect onion flavor without going over the top. This is perfect in an omelette, so the next time you’re with a picky eater who hates onions, let them know what they are missing out on. A balanced flavor that will not overshadow the eggs.

(6) $10.19

Karma Sauce Extreme Karma

Flavor: Pepper
Heat Level: Very Hot

This’ll wake you up in the morning! Straight Ghost and Scorpion pepper goodness that is THICK with its butternut squash base.

(3) $7.99

PepperNutz Roc’n Reaper

Flavor: Pepper
Heat Level: Extremely Hot

If you need a real kick in mouth, PepperNutz ROC’n Reaper will deliver. No gimmicks, just a Carolina Reaper hot sauce that’ll bring the heat but more importantly, the flavor at your next breakfast.

Best Hot Sauce For Eggs: In Conclusion

Is it morning yet? Doesn’t matter. Crack open some eggs and start dousing!

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