Best Hot Sauce For Tacos

A bottle of Ghost Scream - a best hot sauce for tacos

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Best Hot Sauce For Tacos

Of all the “Best Of” lists I’ve done thus far, I have a feeling that none will be as controversial as this one.

Not controversial in the sense of what I’ve included on the list.

Controversial as in for what I’ve left off.

The reason I think this? Simple: There are so many absolutely fantastic hot sauces that go with tacos.

Limiting it to the 8 I’ve put on this list was really, really hard.

Like, really hard.

Tacos are the perfect vessel for hot sauce, therefore there are ton of hot sauces that have been created have specifically created for this Mexican treat.

There’s also hot sauces that are just so dang good that there’s no way we would go without when It’s taco time. Our favorite local taco joint? Salena’s.

Either way, we have compiled our Top 8 list, I hope you enjoy!

We have listed these hot sauces in order by brand name alphabetically.

Butterfly Bakery Taco Vibes Only

Talk about a powerhouse to start and not only that, an absolute scorcher! This taco sauce from Butterfly Bakery comes with a stinger. It landed the #9 spot on Hot Ones during Season 20 and the Reaper pepper just gets hotter and hotter. We recommend if you use this sauce and have multiple at your table, use this one last!

Ghost Scream Hot Sauce

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Ghost Scream

You’ll be screaming with joy with the flavor (and heat!) Ghost Scream will bring to your next taco night. Bold and smoky, it’s tough to argue the inclusion of this one for this list, it was the World Champion hot sauce at the 2016 NYC Hot Sauce Expo. The perfect amount of heat, you’ll feel it, but it won’t take you over the edge.

High Desert Sauce Co. Ghost of Saffron

This is one of those “Buy three bottles of” hot sauces. Buy three, and then you’ll be buying another three not soon after. I guarantee you’ll never have a taco again without this one after you’ve had it for the first time. So many flavors come through in addition to the saffron in this one – the tomato, avocado oil, toasted cumin – and of course the ghost peppers. A legit 10 out of 10 rating hot sauce.

High Desert Sauce Co. Hotter Ghost of Saffron

Oh hi! Ghost of Saffron again…but this time with more heat! We love High Desert’s hotter version just as much as their original. Whenever you’re feeling the need for more heat – 10x more ghost peppers type of heat – this one is for you.

Cheeba Gold Hot Sauce

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High River Sauces Cheeba Gold

This one may seem like the outlier of all the hot sauces that are on this list, but trust me, this is your go-to for fish tacos without question. If you’re looking for a tropical Island twist rather than traditional Mexican, this curry, peach, mustard based hot sauce brings it. Thick and tangy with just enough bite.

Karma Sauce It’s Tuesday Somewhere

We look forward Taco Tuesday every week but if you can’t wait to get your taco fix on, It’s Tuesday Somewhere gives you an excuse to break out into a Mexican fiesta any time. Heirloom tomatoes combined with jalapeno and fresh lime make this an obvious choice, but no one does hot sauce quite like Karma Sauce and this one is both a Golden Chile and Fiery Food Challenge Winner.

PepperNutz Taco Caliente

“Caliente” is right thanks to the Bird’s Eye Chili which you don’t see in a lot of craft hot sauces. While we also love PepperNutz’s milder version Taco Templado, Taco Caliente just lights up your mouth with what you think a taco hot sauce should be – traditional taco spices with the prefect blend of vinegar and salt to accompany it.

Rocky’s Taco

Rocky’s version of a taco sauce brings you reliable flavor over and over again, so you’ll never go wrong with it, no matter who is your crowd. Speaking of a crowd, in addition to the full size bottle, I highly recommend you snag the 1.7 fl oz version for smuggling into your favorite Mexican restaurant when their table hot sauce just doesn’t cut it!

Best Hot Sauce For Tacos: In Conclusion

Traditional. Unique. Hot.

I hope my list inspires you to try something new your next Taco Tuesday.

What did I get wrong? Leave me some feedback in the comments below.

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