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Low Sodium Hot Sauce | 20 Amazing & Delicious Options!

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Low Sodium Hot Sauces

Every hot sauce on this list has 20mg or less of sodium per serving.

As discussed in our previous blog, 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Hot Sauce, our love for peppers mixed with vinegar and other goodies can lead to many positive health effects.

However, one aspect that chileheads with health concerns (such as high blood pressure) need to be extra attentive to is a common added ingredient in hot sauce, salt.

Therefore, low sodium hot sauce options for the health conscious are extremely important.

If you are one of the 100 million Americans that have high blood pressure, hypertension can lead to grave consequences, namely, heart disease and stroke, which leads to you know what.

We’re not here to scare you! Luckily, at Flower City Flavor Company, we offer many low sodium hot sauce options and no sodium hot sauces as well that don’t skimp out on flavor.

Here are 20 of our favorites! Again, all of them have 20mg of sodium per serving or less.

With 20 options, there is something to satisfy every taste bud. From a jalapeño lime, to a mango habanero IPA to a Caribbean curry, incredible flavor without compromise is possible.

Cheeba Gold

Brand: High River Sauces
Sodium per serving: 15mg, 1% DV*

First up on our low sodium hot sauce list is Cheeba Gold. Appearing on the hit YouTube show Hot Ones on season 8, this fiery mustard based hot sauce mixes sweet peaches, curry and scotch bonnets for a “flavor reminiscent of the West Indies.” You know something? I could use a trip to Barbados…

Skinny Habanero

Brand: Sauce Bae
Sodium per serving: 20mg, 1% DV*

Also appearing on Hot Ones (season 9), Sauce Bae prides itself as a healthy “truly all natural” hot sauce that is as good for you as it is versatile. No thickeners…no problem! Sauce Bae touts turmeric as its secret weapon and turmeric is known to have health benefits.

Creamy Herb & Jalapeno

Brand: Bravado Spice Co.
Sodium per serving: 10mg, 0% DV*

I’m in love with this unique offering from one of the best top-to-bottom lineup of hot sauce companies in the country, Bravado. As a huge olive oil lover (check out our Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil), to find it in a hot sauce, and to have it been done well, was surprising. A mild mix of savory herbs mixed with fresh jalapeños. Pro tip, try using it on steak paired with a side of zucchini.

Megalodon Reaper

Brand: The Spicy Shark
Sodium per serving: 15mg, 1% DV*

Like the legendary shark that bears its name, this Carolina Reaper based sauce’s powerful bite might actually make you wish you were dropped into a shark tank instead! Sweet cherry turns not-so-sweet when the reaper creeps in. Fans of super-hot fruit based sauces that I’ve spoken with say this sauce is one of their absolute favorites, if not the favorite.

Caribbean Curry

Brand: Fat Cat
Sodium per serving: 10mg, 0% DV*

Hey all you cool cats and kittens (sorry, I had to)! Take a trip to the Caribbean without leaving your kitchen! Fat Cat’s brilliantly mixed scotch bonnet and serrano pepper blend with Jamaican curry powder to give it it’s exotic flavor that any fan of curry will want to add to their cabinets.

The Rapture

Brand: Torchbearer Sauces 
Sodium per serving: 20mg, 1% DV*

“What’s the hottest you got!?” This is always my most asked question anytime I’m vending at the Rochester Public Market or other fantastic local event. I don’t hesitate to pull out The Rapture, 1.2 million Scoville units of pure lava. No extract in this one, 16 scorpion peppers instead. The Rapture is BY FAR my best seller at the above mentioned Market and events (well, best seller of what I don’t sample. I don’t have enough insurance to sling this one out!)

Fire Starter

Brand: Rising Smoke Sauceworks
Sodium per serving: 10mg, 0% DV*

A “Low-N-Slow Burn”, mild hot sauce fans will love this verde-style offering from Rising Smoke Sauceworks. This was a 2nd Place recipient at the 2020 Fiery Food Challenge at ZestFest 2020 for American Style Mild/Medium (only losing to itself, Smoldering Embers). As much as we love the flavor on this one, we equally love the label which features a jalapeño and garlic sitting at a campfire roasting marshmallows.


Brand: PepperNutz
Sodium per serving: 20mg, 1% DV*

My personal favorite from the Peppernutz line comes from my hometown of Rochester, NY (aka the Flower City). Don’t be fooled by the fruit, this sauce packs a powerful punch of heat but the flavor is what will have you coming back for more. My favorite use…scrambled eggs! Don’t knock it until you try it!

Reaper Sauce

Brand: Elijah’s Xtreme
Sodium per serving: 5mg, 0% DV*

Staying on topic for extreme sweet heat, Elijah’s Xtreme Reaper is a powerhouse of a sauce with cranberries, black cherries and yes, even real Kentucky Bourbon! If sweet and savory (and a low sodium hot sauce) is what you are looking for, you’ve found the right sauce that’ll satisfy that craving.

Caribbean Dreams

Brand: Dirty Dick’s
Sodium per serving: 20mg, 1% DV*

Dirty Dick’s self-proclaimed “gold standard for a Barbados style hot sauce” and it’s hard to disagree with this statement. This low sodium hot sauce is mustard-based and packed with the three P’s – pears, peaches and pineapple juice. We think this sauce is best used on fish dishes.


Brand: Heartbreaking Dawns
Sodium per serving: 5mg, 0% DV*

All natural and gluten free, I love a hot sauce which features Trinidad Scorpion peppers but I really love a good apricot flavor and this is the hottest sauce around that I’ve found that has it. Blueberry and some carrots help round it out. A classic in the hot sauce world that has gotten legitimate praise from one of my favorite cooking programs, America’s Test Kitchen.


Brand: Char Man
Sodium per serving: 15mg, 1% DV*

That’s one scary owl and this is one scary good low sodium hot sauce. Mexican inspired and not a scary level amount of heat but a medium level jalapeno base with a nice surprise of citrus and pumpkin, yes, pumpkin, that can be used on everything!

Fever Dream Mango Habanero IPA

Brand: Voodoo Chile
Sodium per serving: 10mg, 1% DV*

Check out my Mango Habanero Hot Sauce blog for an elite list of mango forward, habanero based heroes. I think the most unique sauce on that list is this one. Who doesn’t love a good IPA? Flying Dog Brewery’s Fever Dream IPA showcases a beautiful trifecta of fruit, heat and tropical fruit-forward hops. The balance of spicy and sweet makes for a great beer which in turn makes for a great hot sauce.


Brand: Culley’s
Sodium per serving: 10mg, 0% DV*

Another low sodium hot sauce that appeared on Hot Ones (Season 7), Firewater is aptly named. It could have also been named Pure Lava From the Depths of Hell. Have you ever seen that Simpsons episode where Homer eats the the chili pepper and goes on the hallucination spree where he talks to a space coyote? This is the liquid form of that. From New Zealand.

No products were found matching your selection.

Jalapeno Lime

Brand: Pallotta Hot
Sodium per serving: 10mg, 0% DV*

Straight out of New Jersey, in this low sodium hot sauce, cilantro may be the real star of this one. The zesty lime paired with the earthy/grassy flavor of jalapeno is punctuated by the intense cilantro flavor. This sauce will bring a deep tingle to your taste buds.

Garden State Green

Brand: Jersey Barnfire
Sodium per serving: 5mg, 0% DV*

Garden State Green is another New Jersey gem and a traditional verde style sauce with a fire roasted kick! Jalapeno, cilantro, lime, tomatillo. The gang’s all here. A 2017 Screaming Mi Mi Award 1st place winner for Mixed Pepper Mild.

No Sodium Hot Sauce

Four hot sauces on our list are actually 100% sodium free! They are:

Especia Rosa

Brand: Burns & McCoy
Sodium per serving: 0mg, 0% DV*

Spanish for red spice (I had to use Google translate, my 4 1/4 years of Spanish in school has been all but forgotten), I’m always asked what’s a good, every day, not-too-hot sauce I can use as my table sauce…this is it. Not only is it a completely sodium free hot sauce, it is vegan and gluten-free too! Make this your Taco Tuesday must-have.

No products were found matching your selection.

Hot Spots – Ember

Brand: CaJohns
Sodium per serving: 0mg, 0% DV*

CaJohns is legendary in the world of hot sauce. They have a seemingly endless lineup of almost any type of sauce you can think of. I feel one of their hidden gems is their Hot Spots brand. Ember is my favorite of the bunch. The sweetness of the brown sugar mixed with chipotle makes for a unique yet versatile sauce.

Original Pepper Sauce

Brand: Palo Alto Firefighters
Sodium per serving: 0mg, 0% DV*

What’s not to love about this one? 100% of the company’s proceeds go to the Palo Alto Firefighters Charitable Fund. Did we mention that it’s a fiery blend of red jalapeños? Bonus points from breaking away from the traditional 5oz bottles, this one comes in a 8.5oz bottle! Their Habanero and Ghost versions are no sodium too!

Cherry Popper

Brand: PexPeppers
Sodium per serving: 0mg, 0% DV*

This one is no joke. The Carolina Reaper absolutely stings you right up front but at the same time, the sweetness of bing cherries and touch of honey will confuse and yet delight your tongue in a symphony of madness. When in stock, this has consistently been a top seller and we’re glad PexPeppers is back in business.

*Based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet.

No or Low Sodium Hot Sauce? No Problem!

There you have it. The above lineup of 20 hot sauces can stand up to any 20, anywhere.

In the end, flavor doesn’t have to be the enemy of healthy and I hope this blog gave you some great options for a low sodium hot sauce to consider.

Do you have another favorite low sodium hot sauce that isn’t on our list? Leave a comment and let us know.

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